Oxy·Care Pro Anti-aging Facial Rejuvenator

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If you're worried about the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines on your face, with Oxy·Care Pro anti-aging facial rejuvenator you'll be able to fight them off! An easy and effective method for delaying the appearance of signs of aging on your face. Its advanced technology is based on benefits of pure enriched oxygen, with great exfoliating, purifying and oxygenating properties. Oxy·Care Pro regenerates and revitalises the skin on your face through soft pulses that oxygenise and stimulate it, improving its appearance.

  • Several intensity levels
  • Includes a practical and elegant toilet bag with mirror and several compartments
  • Approx. dimensions (length x diameter): 17 x 5 cm
  • Works with electricity (voltage: 220-240 V / frequency: 50 Hz / power: 3 W)


  • Regenerates and revitalises the skin on your face 
  • Several intensity levels
  • Save 690 SEK

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